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Community Education and Navigation Programme (CENP)

What is the Community Education and Navigation Programme (CENP)?

The CENP is a collaborative research project between Monash University Malaysia, Queen’s University Belfast and University of Malaya. The project aims to design a culturally sensitive education and navigation programme to improve breast cancer screening uptake in low-income, rural Malaysia. This study is jointly funded by the UKRI Medical Research Council and Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT).

CENP Core Team Members

CENP Former Members

Dr Wilfred Mok Kok</br>(Monash University Malaysia)
Dr Wilfred Mok Kok
(Monash University Malaysia)

CENP Publications

Mohan, D., Su, T.T., Donnelly, M., Mok Kok Hoe, W., Schliemann, D., Tan, M.M., Reidpath, D., Taib, N.A., Allotey, P. Breast Cancer Screening in Semi-Rural Malaysia: Utilisation and Barriers. 2021. Online:

Schliemann, D., Hoe, W.M.K., Mohan, D., Allotey, P., Reidpath, D.D., Tan, M.M., Taib, N.A.M., Donnelly, M. and Su, T.T. (2022). Challenges and opportunities for breast cancer early detection among rural dwelling women in Segamat District, Malaysia: a qualitative study. PLoS ONE, 17(5), e0267308. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0267308

Su, T.T. and Donnelly, M. (2022). Improving breast and colorectal cancer screening uptake in Malaysia. European Journal of Cancer Care, e13593. doi: 10.1111/ecc.13593

Schliemann D, Tan MM, Hoe WMK, Mohan D, Taib NA, Donnelly M, Su TT. mHealth interventions to improve cancer screening and early detection: scoping review of reviews. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 2022; 24: e36316. doi:10.2196/36316

Schliemann, D., Jamil, A.S.A., Mohan, D., Tan, M.M., Cardwell, C.R., Ismail, R., Taib, N.A., Su, T.T. and Donnelly, M., 2023. The development and evaluation of a mHealth, community education and navigation intervention to improve clinical breast examination uptake in Segamat Malaysia: A randomised controlled trial. PLoS ONE, 18(10): e0288437. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0288437

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