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Be Cancer Alert Campaign (BCAC)

What is the Be Cancer Alert Campaign (BCAC)?

In 2018, the BCAC was implemented with the aim to raise awareness about breast and colorectal cancer in Malaysia. Two five-week campaigns were designed, delivered and evaluated by researchers from the University of Malaya in collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast, Monash University Malaysia, the National Cancer Society Malaysia and the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Materials from both campaigns can be found on the website.

This study was funded by UK Medical Research Council – Newton Ungku Omar Funding (MR/P013910/1).

BCAC Core Team Members

Prof Michael Donnelly</br> (Queen’s University Belfast, UK)
Prof Michael Donnelly
(Queen’s University Belfast, UK)
Prof Maznah Dahlui</br>(University Of Malaya)
Prof Maznah Dahlui
(University of Malaya)
Ms Darishiani Paramsivam</br>(PhD Researcher, University Of Malaya)
Ms Darishiani Paramsivam
(PhD researcher, University of Malaya)
Dr Nor Saleha Ibrahim Tamin</br>(Ministry Of Health, Malaysia)
Dr Nor Saleha Ibrahim Tamin
(Ministry of Health, Malaysia)
Prof Tin Tin Su</br>(Monash University Malaysia & University Of Malaya)
Prof Tin Tin Su
(Monash University Malaysia & University of Malaya)
Dr Siew Yim Loh</br>(University Of Malaya)
Dr Siew Yim Loh
(University of Malaya)
Dr Mila Nu Nu Htay</br>(PhD Researcher, University Of Malaya)
Dr Mila Nu Nu Htay
(PhD Researcher, University of Malaya)
Dr Saunthari Somasundaram</br>(National Cancer Society Malaysia)
Dr Saunthari Somasundaram
(National Cancer Society Malaysia)

BCAC Publications

Schliemann, D., Donnelly, M., Dahlui, M., Loh, S.Y., Ibrahim Tamin, N.S.B., Somasundaram, S., Su, TT. ‘Be Cancer Alert Campaign’: Protocol to evaluate a mass media campaign to raise awareness about breast and colorectal cancer in Malaysia. BMC Cancer. 2018. Online:

Schliemann, D., Htay, M.N.N., Somasundaram, S., Dahlui, M., Paramasivam, D., Ibrahim Tamin, N.S.B., Su, T.T., Donnelly, M. Impact of a mass media campaign on breast cancer symptoms awareness and screening uptake in Malaysia: findings from a quasi-experimental study. BMJ Open. 2020. Online:

Schliemann, D., Paramasivam, D., Donnelly, M., Somasundaram, S., Dahlui, M., Ibrahim Tamin, N.S.B., Su, T.T. Change in public awareness of colorectal cancer symptoms following the Be Cancer Alert Campaign in the multi-ethnic population of Malaysia. BMC Cancer. 2020. Online:

Schliemann, D., Su, T.T., Paramasivam, D., Treanor, C., Dahlui, M., Loh, S.Y., Donnelly, M. Effectiveness of small and mass media campaigns to improve cancer awareness and screening rates in Asia: A systematic review. JCO Global Oncology. 2019. Online:

Htay, M.N.N, Donnelly, M., Schliemann, D., Loh, S.Y., Dahlui, M., Ibrahim Tamin, N.S.B., Saunthari, S., Su, T.T. Translation and Validation of the Breast Cancer Awareness Measurement tool in Malaysia (B-CAM-M). Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention. 2020. Online:

Schliemann, D., Paramasivam, D., Somasundaram S., Ibrahim Tamin, N.S.B., Dahlui, M., Loh, S.Y., Su, T.T., Donnelly, M. The systematic cultural adaptation of a UK public health cancer awareness raising programme for Malaysia: The Be Cancer Alert Campaign. Translational Behavioral Medicine. 2019. Online:

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