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Colorectal Cancer Screening in Malaysia (CRC-SIM)

What is the Colorectal Cancer Screening in Malaysia (CRC-SIM) study?

The CRC-SIM is a collaborative research project between Monash University Malaysia, Queen’s University Belfast and the Ministry of Health Malaysia. The aim of the CRC-SIM is to design a theoretically-informed colorectal cancer screening intervention for Malaysia.

This study is funded by the Medical Research Council UKRI Global Challenges Research Fund (MR/S014349/1).

Testing for Colorectal Cancer at Home

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CRC-SIM Core Team Members

CRC-SIM Publications

Schliemann, D., Matovu, N, Ramanathan, K., O’Neill, C., Kee, F., Su, T.T., Donnelly, M. Implementation of colorectal cancer screening interventions in low- and middle-income countries: a scoping review protocol. BMJ Open. 2020. Online:

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